Nai Dee Chang Mor

I meet Nai Dee many years ago but i have heard his name long before that.  he is famous for his little monk sculpture.

In 2005 I took 6 Australian artists to his studio in Chaingmai, Thailand. This is the second time i visit his studio but not the same one. He has many many studios but this one is a special one as it also his house.

He works under the house with very minimum tools almost none apart from his hand a few sticks. The set up is very basic and simple yet he manage to produce wonderful sculpture.

Next to his working area is a little creek. It is so peaceful to sit in his studio and listen to the sound of water moving.  He has little handmade kiln in front of his house. It go to about 1000 C at max.

We all very impress with his studio, the peacefulness and the simplicity. However, we all also happy to go back to civilization in no time!

his signature work

Nai Dee's Studio in Chaingmai

Chating away in his working area

working underneath the house

Store room in the background

hand building demonstration

Little creek

hand made kiln