Kenji Uranishi


Kenji Uranishi

Kenji is a ceramic artist from Japan. He moved to Brisbane, Australia in October 2004. He makes very beautiful and charming functional works as well as some one off art piece. Kenji works with porcelain and his porcelain technical skill is very high. I am amaze to see how he join of bit and pieces of porcelain slab together with out any crack!

His studio is on the first floor next to the garage. It has a big glass door lead to the front yard. Near the glass door is a small slab roller that help him make clay slab. Kenji mention that it will take him a whole day to make slabs from one bag of clay. His slab is very thin and very fragile. He leave the slabs overnight to firm up before he starts working on them.

I feel so privilege to visit his studio …. …. and so lucky to got one of his tea set to take home 🙂

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Cloud Tray


Working table


Working area, tools, sketch

Chests of drawers

Kenji's jugs ready to be sand.

Ready to be glaze

Drying process could take 2-3 months!

slab roller

some of Kenji works

Some of Kenji's jugs ready to be sand.