Graeme Wilkie


Graeme Wilkie

I visit Graeme Wilkie’s studio a few years back with a group of Thai and Australia ceramic artists as part of the Clay Alchemy project ( His studio is located in the rain forest of The Great Otway National Park, Victoria (about 162 km southwest of Melbourne).

It is a very large purpose built studio equip with clay and glaze making tools. The studio also has an Anagama kiln and a bourry box style kiln as Graeme is a wood-firer. The studio also have retail shop at the exit point so visitors can purchase his work after seeing all of the making process. Graeme mention that he got this retail idea from vising ceramic factory in Chaingmai, Thailand!

Graeme Wilkie's work

Kiln room

kiln room

Inside the kiln


Glaze area

Glaze room

Look out window


I think this is a moblie heater.

Retail shop at the exit point.