Me at Chiang Mai studio

Me at Chiang Mai studio

I am a Thai-Australian artists, working primarily in ceramic, base in Melbourne Australia.

“Open Studios” show studio images of many artists who i have been fortunate enough to visit. The blog will also post collections of interesting ceramic art, news and updates of my recent work.

Check out more detail of my work at



8 Responses to “About”

  1. lazynui Says:

    Ha ha ha I am the first fan here 🙂 This picture of yours is really nice!

    • VIP Says:

      555 thank you thank you. This image taken by a big name artist in Thailand, K. Wasinburee. His skill is really good, make me look nice he he.

  2. carole epp Says:

    Hey Vipoo! Fantastic blog, i love it! Hopefully someday you can come and visit my studio : ) hugs carole

    • VIP Says:

      Thank Carole, loveeeee to visit your studio. Hopefully that day will come soon.
      I was looking forward to see you in Sydney but you are not coming now???? 😦
      BIGGGG hug 🙂

  3. Helen Earl Says:

    Hi Vipoo
    I really like these pages. I am a ‘re-emerging’ ceramicist with a studio in an arcadian setting on the northern beaches. My studio’s situation informs my work on many levels. Check out my Sydney Design Event, “From little things big things grow’ to see how the outside world of my studio comes inside.

  4. VIP Says:

    hi Helen

    Thank for your comment. I have not up date the site for a while. Should get it going again.

    Wow a show in Power house museum! I would love to show there too. Congratulation 🙂

    I have seen your work before…i think… Sydney part of the ceramic conference.

    Now all the garden leaves is not just in your studio but in the museum as well. Love to see how your studio look like 🙂

  5. Richard Tsao Says:

    Really enjoyed coming across your website.
    Please put me on your e list..would love to see more.
    Thanks much and happy new year.

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